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Proposal Writing/
Preparation of Application package/
Project Management

We bring ideas to life, create experiences & tell stories that people remember.

We work with you to come up with the creative solution you need. We develop clear and compelling proposals that helps you meet the need of the Erasmus+ Project.

Our professionals ensure that everything is done according to the EU Framework requirements, and nothing less.

We plan, implement and manage the project's procedures and for it we write and prepare reports. Further, we ensure and maintain consistent project quality.


Four stages of a project:

Participating organizations and, participants involved in a project's activities, should take an active role in all stages and thus enhancing their learning experience

  1. Planning: define the needs, objectives, project and learning outcomes, activity formats, schedule etc;

  2. Preparation: planning of the activities, development of work programme, practical arrangements, confirmation of the target group(s) of envisaged activities, set up of agreements between partners etc;

  3. Implementation of activities;

  4. Follow up: evaluation of the activities and their impact at different levels, sharing and use of the project's results

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